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Message from Org. Chairman

Dr. G. V. S. Moorthy,
Organising Chairman, TOSACON 2021

Welcome to the TOSACON 2021.
The 6th Annual Conference of our Association TOSA is scheduled on 6th, 7th and 8th August 2021.
The fond wish of Our team to meet You all in person is stalled by the second wave of Covid-19. The dreams of hosting our Hyderabadi hospitality, cultural and cordial meetings of Delegates and families are kept in hold for this time.
After a long wait in vain, the Organising team has to compromise for a Virtual TOSACON 2021.
However, it has also paved the way to meet virtually many members and faculty who otherwise could not have met, due to time, age, health, distance and other logistics. We could also make it more of Academics with participation from Speakers from faraway lands, which could not have been possible in a Physical meet. We can find good in everything!
The members of all the committees are now geared up to make every effort, to come out with a well planned and executed Conference, with their previous experiences in Virtual conferences.
Trauma in Orthopaedics is ever challenging and needs a specific plan for every individual case, to come out with the best results for that particular Patient. Trauma is also intermingled with many other specialties of Orthopaedics. The constant developments in the methods and materials need to be comprehensively added in the training and practice. This is reflected in the theme of this year's Conference.
With ever improving Communication methods, Data Processing and Research facilities, there is an exponential knowledge available to absorb, as time permits. At the same time there is a need to remember the basics of Orthopaedics and Natural behaviour of Health and Diseases. The Academics are tailored to achieve this goal in TOSACON 2021.
The Surgical, Medical and Biomedical Equipment Industry will always play a supportive role, to enrich the Academic events. All are invited to participate in the Conference and share their knowledge and expertise of related things.
Welcome again to One and All.
Wishing to meet You All Virtually!